About the First Born® Program (FBP)

The First Born® Program (FBP) was established in 1997 in Grant County, New Mexico through a collaborative community-based process. In 2018, the home visiting program’s central office moved to the Early Childhood Center of Excellence at Santa Fe Community College in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


First Born creates positive and meaningful family and community change.

The Mission of First Born Program

To encourage families to build strong relationships. The program provides quality training for home visitors and program leadership to ensure meaningful family and community outcomes.


The program is relationship-centered and curriculum-based. Families who participate in home visits receive coaching, support, information about early childhood development, health, nutrition and safety and learn fun activities to help build brain development and learning. The First Born Program was named one of the nation’s 10 most innovative and exemplary prevention programs in 2002 by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, along with several other agencies.

Through weekly home visits, families identify personal goals, recognize challenges and opportunities for growth and build a healthy, loving, playful  relationship with their child.

Children are born learning. The foundation of relationships, experiences and skills developed in the first five years support a lifetime of success. The First Born Program supports child development in the areas of social emotional development, language, literacy and problem solving skills. Investing early means better outcomes for children, happier families and healthier communities.

First Born® Directors

Tekla Johnson, LCSW

First Born Model Office Director


Tekla Johnson, First Born Statewide and National First Born Program Director, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Doula and has Infant Mental Health Endorsement (Level II) in the state of New Mexico. She has 20 years of home visiting experience and more than ten years of experience with the First Born® Home Visiting program. After working as a home visitor for 9 years, Ms. Johnson moved into a leadership role and served as the program manager for the Santa Fe First Born® Program during its startup phase, and first five years of implementation. She has worked as a direct program manager as well as providing supervision and oversight to program managers as VP of Leadership and Innovation. Having worked at all levels of home visiting (as well as receiving home visiting services for her child through early intervention), Ms. Johnson enjoys supporting programs to implement high quality services for families, focused on joy, learning and strong relationships.

Amy Williams, MD

Medical Director


Amy Williams, MD, Medical Director, a native of New Mexico, Dr. Williams has been practicing pediatrics for the past 11 years. She has worked in Africa, Alaska, Utah and finally returned home to New Mexico in 2017. Dr. Williams is passionate about providing care to underserved areas, and is excited to support First Born with their program. In her spare time she enjoys hiking with her husband and 2 dogs.

Staff from First Born Programs across New Mexico, gathering for professional development, September 2019 in Santa Fe, NM

Staff from First Born Programs across New Mexico, gathering for professional development, September 2019 in Santa Fe, NM