First Born® Program Home Visits (FBP) are designed to increase knowledge, skills, and insights during the prenatal period and the first three years of a child’s life.

Families learn about:

  • Physical and emotional changes during pregnancy
  • Expectations of childbirth
  • Breastfeeding
  • Encouraging infant growth and development
  • Nurturing positive relationships
  • Creating safe and stimulating environments
  • Selecting toys and books that teach
  • Discovering community resources
  • Working toward solutions for family challenges
  • Opportunities for continuing education and on-going learning

Services are delivered by a well-trained professional staff that is diverse in age, culture, ethnicity, language, education, experience and economics. The staff is an effective combination of degreed professionals (e.g., registered nurses, clinical counselors) and non-degreed professionals who provide support, education, assessment, referral and advocacy for participating families.

While there are many home visiting components that may be offered, the most effective delivery of information occurs when services are matched to the individual family’s needs through the planning process. FBP services are carefully chosen and occur within the context of a trusting relationship where learning and behavioral change can occur. Families are linked to the community’s systems of care and all services are coordinated.  Strict confidentiality is maintained throughout the family’s participation with the Program.

Building strong relationships is at the center of the home visits — strong relationships between the family and their child, strong relationships between the family and their home visitor, and strong relationships between the family and their community.  A healthy pregnancy and childhood are not only critical to the immediate well being of the child but are also basic to building a resilient family and healthy community.